Increase your eCommerce store sales with these 4 changes!

1: Price Comparison & Reviews: ⭐
76% of consumers search for better prices online first and read reviews before they make a purchase (online and instore).

Product reviews are more important now than ever so if you don’t have them featured, it’s time to start. Make sure you also have a post-purchase email flow set up to collect reviews.

The results also show shoppers want the best deal. Make sure you have a pop-up on your site offering a discount if they join your mailing list or offer a post-purchase voucher for their next shop!

2: Personalisation Wins: ⭐
67% of respondents want to receive personalised promotions or offers and 61% are more likely to make a purchase if they do (this is 70%+ for Gen Z and Millenials).

Make sure your advertising and email marketing uses personalisation. A great post-purchase email is showcasing a selection of your products that are similar to their purchase.

Ads using broad targeting can achieve this through copy and creative that speaks exactly to your target audience.

3: Payment and Delivery Flexibility: ⭐
82% of consumers want options such as credit cards, a bank account, PayPal, Apple Pay or Buy Now Pay Later at the checkout. 72% want two day or less delivery with delivery times more than a week putting them off purchasing.

Easy win here – have a range of payment options and if you don’t offer Buy Now Pay Later (or something similar), it’s time to get it.

On the shipping side, communicate your speedy delivery if you offer it or give a reason for a slower delivery (handmade, location etc). People love updates on their purchase so a couple of packing & tracking emails will go a long way!

4: Be Mobile Friendly: ⭐
50% of shoppers are now more likely to make retail purchases on their phones.

If your site doesn’t offer a mobile experience as good (or better) than the desktop version, you’re probably losing revenue. Invest in developing a made-for-mobile site asap. Start by looking at eComm stores doing it well and pick and choose the best features.