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Helping you make sense of the digital world to grow your business​

Connected Culture is led by Elzanne Strydom – a Marketing Strategist with 25 years of executive experience in the world of marketing, advertising and media.

Elzanne is a powerhouse of knowledge on all things Marketing and Digital. She is a content strategist and a marketing funnel architect who goes that extra mile (and then some) to understand and grow your business.

The Connected Culture team shares Elzanne’s  core values of honesty, kindness, hard work, entrepreneurship and a zest for life.

We’re passionate about what we do as digital marketers and we do it well. We care about our clients and get to know your business so well, we become an extension of your team.


We’re not satisfied by staying still.
We need to always be aggressively working towards our next milestone.
We set goals and we hit them. Every time.


Plain and simple, we hire winners.
We work with people who have a can-do attitude (see the glass as always half full), hold themselves accountable, and get the job done.


We get things done.
Forget about fluff – because we know how to deliver.


We are all about the service mentality. We work with clients that we truly believe we can help, and then we go above and beyond to exceed their expectations.


Colleagues, clients, and business partners — we treat everyone with respect and expect the same in return. Let’s keep it classy.


Work or play, we give every project our 100% and beyond. We know that true success and happiness always go hand in hand – and we take both seriously. We strive to be a 4-day a week agency.


We’re a dedicated team of individuals from different backgrounds and walks of life who have been united by the same purpose – our love for digital marketing and our insatiable inner drive to make your business grow and fulfil its true potential.

We make digital marketing human. Authenticity is at the core of everything we do – and that’s why we work with real people and businesses like yours, delivering meaningful and engaging marketing solutions tailored towards real goals and results. We like to dream big and we are obsessed with driving success, sales and growth for your business, giving it the marketing love it deserves.


Meet Our Team

Founder & CEO
Content Editor
Marketing specialist
Account Manager
Account Manager
Account Manager
Search Marketing Specialist
Digital Producer & Graphic Designer
Digital Producer & Graphic Designer

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