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Helping you make sense of the digital world to grow your business

Connected Culture is led by Elzanne Strydom – a Marketing Strategist with 25 years of executive experience in the world of marketing, advertising and media.

Elzanne is a powerhouse of knowledge on all things Marketing and Digital. She is a content strategist and a marketing funnel architect who goes that extra mile (and then some) to understand and grow your business.

The Connected Culture team shares Elzanne’s  core values of honesty, kindness, hard work, entrepreneurship and a zest for life. 

We’re passionate about what we do as digital marketers and we do it well. We care about our clients and get to know your business so well, we become an extension of your team.


Growth Focused

We’re not satisfied by staying still.
We need to always be aggressively working towards our next milestone.
We set goals and we hit them. Every time.

Winning Environment

Plain and simple, we hire winners.
We work with people who have a can-do attitude (see the glass as always half full), hold themselves accountable, and get the job done.



We get things done.
Forget about fluff – because we know how to deliver.


We are all about the service mentality. We work with clients that we truly believe we can help, and then we go above and beyond to exceed their expectations.


Colleagues, clients, and business partners — we treat everyone with respect and expect the same in return. Let’s keep it classy.


Work or play, we give every project our 100% and beyond. We know that true success and happiness always go hand in hand – and we take both seriously. We strive to be a 4-day a week agency.

our mission

We’re a dedicated team of individuals from different backgrounds and walks of life who have been united by the same purpose – our love for digital marketing and our insatiable inner drive to make your business grow and fulfil its true potential.

We make digital marketing human. Authenticity is at the core of everything we do – and that’s why we work with real people and businesses like yours, delivering meaningful and engaging marketing solutions tailored towards real goals and results. We like to dream big and we are obsessed with driving success, sales and growth for your business, giving it the marketing love it deserves.

Team Members

Meet Our Team

Elzanne Strydom

Elzanne Strydom

Founder & CEO

Alison Rodericks

Alison Rodericks

Content Editor

Catarina Aarnio

Catarina Aarnio

Campaign Manager

Jessie Hong

Jessie Hong

Graphic Designer

Liv Bloch

Liv Bloch

Social Media & Admin Coordinator

Olena Prusenkova

Olena Prusenkova

Marketing Coordinator & Content Editor

Daniella Saavedra

Daniella Saavedra

Campaign Strategist

Sara Bertelli

Sara Bertelli

Marketing specialist

Johannes Laaksonen

Johannes Laaksonen


Julio Arenas

Julio Arenas


Client Love

Take a look at the results we have achieved for a wide range of businesses – from furniture to food.

B2C Furniture

Before working with Connected Culture, we were heavily focused on Google Ads and understood how to leverage marketing on that platform, however we really lacked the knowledge and creative capability that is essential for social. We knew we needed to ramp up our brand awareness game and Connected Culture were the right team to help us to do so.

Since joining forces our campaigns are punchy and attractive, our social following is growing daily and we are seeing a steady increase to our revenue attributed to email and social campaigns. Both our businesses strive on a similar ethos and I absolutely love working with the team of strong-minded and strong-willed women!

Stacey Clarke, Co Owner

Beauty By Australia

Elzanne and her team of amazing superstars at Connected Culture have, in a very short space of time, developed and executed the entire digital marketing strategy for our newly launched business. To add to their credit, this was all done in amongst a tight budget and with limited resources (and during the COVID-19 crisis!). Since our engagement with Connected Culture, we have had week-on-week increases across all relevant metrics including leads, impressions, conversions and sales. The Connected Culture team have gone above and beyond for us in developing a carefully designed digital marketing strategy suitable to our current business while taking into account future direction.

Shaun Katz, Co-Founder

Icon By Design

We've been working with Connected Culture since January 2019 and are reaping the benefits already, which is proven in the numbers. We've redefined all of our digital activity and have significantly increased our online traffic and conversions. Elzanne has helped me to identify and communicate to the rest of the business, the areas we needed to improve and we've worked closely on the strategy and implementation for each activity, making each channel far better than before both from a conversion and brand perspective. Connected Culture is fully immersed in our business and Elzanne and her team have become an extension of our marketing department – I am so surprised she can manage other clients because her teams commitment to us, is like we are her only client! Its a collaborative, insightful and rewarding partnership that is well worth the investment.

Misha Smits, Head of Marketing & Online

Barangaroo Orthopaedic & Sports Injury Clinic

We have worked with Elzanne and her team at Connected Culture for over 15 months now as our go-to digital marketing agency for our new multi-disciplinary medical /wellness practice.
Elzanne’s help, advice, support has been invaluable from the start. Not only has she assisted with developing automated sequences for our email campaigns, driven social media ads, created landing pages but also assisted getting our website ranked No. 1 on Google organically.
Her worth ethic is something to be admired. She offers a boutique customised service which is like no other and works tirelessly to get it right. Her methods keep our marketing succinct, sustainable and successful. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Elzanne and her team.

Sam Davison, Partner

Connect Concierge

Elzanne collaborated and guided me when I founded Connect Concierge. Her insights into the world of SEO, Digital Marketing, Google Business are far superior to other SEO providers I have consulted with for various businesses. Her team worked with me from logo design, building the website, setting up Facebook Business and pixel pages and Google Analytics. Her style is consultative; she listens to your requirements rather than make assumptions. She is ideal to brainstorm ideas with as she is highly knowledgeable. The thing I LOVE about Elzanne is her ability to execute and communicate once strategies decided. I highly recommend Connected Culture and Elzanne’s services.

Marietta Bloomfield, Owner

The Hair Boutique, New Zealand

It's been an incredible experience having Connected Culture on our side. Traffic to our website has increased since the start of our campaign and it continues to grow. Connected Culture not only helped us build a brand online but also helped us establish ourselves in a very competitive industry. Yes, we built a name for ourselves based on our excellent salon services, but Connected Culture really helped us expand that image online.

Janic Leech, Owner

Cremorne Physio

At Cremorne Physio we have been working with Elzanne and Alison from Connected Culture for almost two years. In that time, they have really become invaluable members of our team – far more so than any other consultant we've ever worked with. They have put a lot of time and effort into learning the intricacies and nuances of our industry and our business in order to produce and deliver material and campaigns that speak directly to our target audience, which they helped us to define. Apart from the work they have done, they have also mentored us and taught us how to do a lot of the work ourselves in order to maintain continuity and consistency with our digital marketing and social media. Numbers don't lie and return on investment is easy to measure. The Connected Culture team continue to improve our numbers month on month and the return is well worth the investment in their expertise.

Jerome Finkelstein, Director/Principal Physiotherapist

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