about Us

The human touch, powered by an obsession with your results.

The human touch, powered by an obsession with tech.

In a nutshell, we’re a team of data geeks and creatives working together to achieve the very best for our clients. At Connected Culture, we leverage tech to provide a human experience.

We’re a growth agency that believes in having a good time while doing what we love, and we do love what we do.

Connected Culture brings its unique brand of energy and knowledge to your project. Not to mention, we’re super easy to work with as long as you go along with all of our ideas and also love to jump in puddles and dance in the rain.

Our team member selection process is extensive and we’ve taken great care to hand-pick only the very best local talent, across all disciplines. Over the past five years, we’ve formed a close-knit team of highly talented professionals, each with expansive knowledge and extensive experience.


Elzanne Strydom


20 years of experience

Harrison Lee

Digital Marketing Director

8 years of experience


Content Director

20 years of experience

Daniella Saaverdra

Senior Account Manager

5 years of experience


Junior Performance Marketing Manager

1 year experience


Digital Producer

4 years of experience



12 years of experience

Sara Bertelli

Marketing Specialist

5 years of experience

Lisa Campbell

UX/UI Strategist

20 years of experience

Will Strydom


None yet, that’s why he’s here!

Madeline Ting

Executive Assistant | Marketing Coordinator

 8 years of experience

Our culture, connected.


In our world YOU come first. Without you, there would be no us. We work with clients that we believe we can help, and then we go above and beyond to exceed their expectations. We care and we deliver.


We are in a constant state of change, fine-tuning and connecting - with people and technology. Relationships and connections are important to us and where we best provide the human touch to digital.


We utilise everything needed to create impact for brands and businesses - copy, design, strategy, innovation and technology. We build what’s needed to separate you from the rest.


Kaizen forms the core of our culture because we believe in continuous, incremental improvement of all functions and involving everyone. We push for better in everything we do, knowing that advancement is an endless process.