Have You Claimed Your Threads Handle Yet?

Threads & Your Business

Meta released Threads on the Google Play and App Store on July 5 and reported 30 million sign ups within the first sixteen hours! And 100 million in the first 5 days!

Threads, an Instagram app, is a microblogging platform released to (allegedly) compete directly with Twitter. As a companion app, a Threads account is created using your Instagram credentials – but it’s a super easy, super fast process. 

For now there are questions about the algorithms, there’s no toggling between accounts, no advertising, no customising of your feed (the main timeline is a list of Threads from random Threaders), and there’s no editing or direct messaging feature. 

Why Bother?

Your Instagram handle/name is currently reserved for you over on Threads, but that won’t last forever. We recommend claiming your Threads handle now to ensure you have future access and consistency across your digital presence. 

Who knows what the future of Threads holds, you don’t want to miss out on claiming your brand’s handle.

Steps To Download Threads

  1. Head to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  2. Find and download ‘Threads, an Instagram app’
  3. Log in with your Instagram account

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