Success is in the Preparation

After the seemingly endless last two years of pandemic, lockdowns and restrictions galore, 2022 has gone by so quickly. Can you believe that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are nearly upon us?

Let’s talk about what can make both of these online events a success. 

Sure, you can make a few social media ads a week before and send out some emails over that weekend promoting your offer and USP. Sure, you will more than likely get results, but you won’t achieve your true potential or revenue.

The most important part of Black Friday (25th November 2022) and Cyber Monday (28th November 2022) is the preparation. 

As an agency, our minds are already on what we need to do to help all of our clients succeed through Black Friday, Cyber Monday, November’s Click Frenzy and into the Summer/holiday/Christmas period. 

You may be asking yourself, what does that entail? It’s our entire combined marketing strategy.

It’s where everything is planned, leveraged and designed to be in sync; from warming up leads on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to ensuring your copy is on point and speaks directly to your audience (in your voice). 

From lead generation and hyping up subscribers and customers on email and SMS to bringing the sales home with Adwords.

It’s a whole digital marketing approach!

To add more context…

The Three Pillars of a successful Black Friday/Cyber Monday campaign are:

  1. List Building
  2. Warming Up
  3. Launching

And the elements that must start now in order to be ready in time are:

  1. Pre-Testing of offers/creatives/angles/copy
  2. List Building – of course, you’re building the list the entire year but this ramps up even more ahead of Black Friday/Cyber Monday to ensure your lists are high quality and robust in order to maximise sales

Truth is…you could do this all yourself…last minute…but is it worth it?

Our preparation and planning are what make us different and help brands achieve record sales days over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend and beyond, into the holiday season.

Another thing that makes working with us over a DIY/fly by the seat of your pants and hope for the best type job – you get a team of specialists -marketing, UX, social media and content specialists, campaign managers, graphic designers and digital producers, search marketing and paid social media advertising specialists, and copywriters. Everyone and everything needed to plan, prep and execute a successful Black Friday/Cyber Monday campaign.

So, if you’re interested in talking to us for a free business audit, add it to my calendar and getting help to achieve results across all of your sales channels then give us a call. We only have a few end of 2022 slots available so I recommend getting in touch as soon as possible. 


Author Bio 

Elzanne Strydom

Elzanne is a seasoned Marketing Performance Strategist and Marketing Funnel Architect and built Connected Culture to ‘make digital human’.