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  • The Media Buying Framework to Scaling Your Ad Campaigns Post iOS 14/15

The Media Buying Framework to Scaling Your Ad Campaigns Post iOS 14/15

You probably already know about Facebook Ads’ 2021 conversion tracking updates, but did you actually implement all the key changes you should have made to your campaigns and ways of working since then? We revealed the 6 major changes she and her team made to be able to scale again their ad campaigns in a post iOS14/15 world.

:one: Don’t compare pre and post iOS 14 results anymore: start looking at data post June 2021, not before, the online world has changed too much!
:two: Condense the campaign structure: since June 2021 audiences shrunk in size significantly, so keep it simple and don’t spread your audiences too thin.
:three: Focus on ABO: if Facebook’s algorithm has lost its touch for your campaigns as well, go back to testing ABO vs CBO to make sure you’re squeezing every dollar out of your most profitable ad sets.
:four: Test Android vs Apple: iOS users used to be the most profitable audience for many brands, but post iOS 14/15 tracking changes have made it uncertain. You need to reassess and properly test this. You may be surprised by what you find out!
:five: Curate your top of the funnel creative: put in the effort to grab the attention of your prospects! Go back to your personas to create assets that truly speak to your ideal customers.
:six: Work together: omnichannel starts now! Use a clear UTM taxonomy, implement 1st party data tracking, and use Conversion Path Analysis reports to better understand your audience’s user journey and which channels are helping you drive sales.