Email Marketing

The new iOS 14 privacy update has highlighted the need to thoroughly understand your customer profile, bringing permission marketing to the forefront. Email marketing remains unaffected by platform and search engine based algorithmic changes. Often an overlooked aspect of an ecommerce strategy but when executed with precision, email marketing has the capacity to increase revenue over a short span of time.

We create campaigns and automations that make an impact, capture leads and convert into sales. Employing a multi-pronged approach of in-house creative, content, data and technology, we build bridges with your customers that drive business growth. Unlike most agencies, we have dedicated in-house copywriting services as well as in-house graphic designers. We create fully automated lead generation funnels which are optimised and tailored to your specifications. We are partnered with Klavivyo and Active Campaign and, on an average, we shoot out $13M EDMs a year.

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