Cosmetic Surgery Advertising Content Compliance Audits

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The rules have changed. Your practices may be

Compliance Content Audits

As medical digital marketers, Connected Culture is offering Compliance Content Audits in relation to the updated guidelines for advertising cosmetic surgery which are POA and dependent on the scope of your content and its format. We are able to audit and provide action tasks and recommendations in relation to website copy, imagery and  page titles/urls.

Please note that the content audit does not include the implementation of online action tasks and recommendations or the provision of additional copy or imagery – however if you need assistance with this, please let us know.

*T&Cs apply.

The new rules are now in effect. Are you ready for the regulations?


The Medical Board of Australia and AHPRA can deal with inappropriate advertising in a number of ways‭, ‬including through‭:‬

  • Prosecuting those who breach the advertising provisions in the National Law‭, ‬via the court system when prosecution guidelines are met‭, ‬and/or‭
  • Board disciplinary processes‭, ‬if the Board believes a practitioner’s conduct has been unsatisfactory‬

How cosmetic surgery can be advertised in Australia has changed‭. ‬Learn what’s stayed the same‭, ‬what’s changed, ‬what you need to do now to be compliant under the new rules.

Do you‭ (‬and your team‭) ‬understand the dos and don’ts‭? ‬

Do you know which of these social media posts are no longer compliant‭? ‬

Who is this masterclass for‭? ‬

Medical practitioners performing cosmetic surgery in Australia‭, ‬their practice managers‭, ‬medical social media and content managers or anyone for whom social media‭, ‬website content and advertising is part of their duties and responsibilities‭. ‬

Each ticket provides for participants from the same practice‭. ‬
Current ASAPS members receive a 10%‭ ‬discount‭.‬

What you will learn

The updates to guidelines so your medical practitioner and practice will become compliant‭. ‬

You will receive a comprehensive document outlining both the Guidelines which came into effect on the 1st July 2023‭, ‬practical implementation techniques and cheat sheets to aid your compliance‭. ‬

Who is your facilitator‭?‬

Connie Baker‭, ‬Content Director at Connected Culture‭, ‬is a content and social media strategist and copywriter with 15‭ ‬years’‭ ‬experience‭, ‬including in the area of medical‭. ‬She creates strategies‭, ‬manages social media‭, ‬content‭, ‬advertising buys as well as community management and crisis communications‭. ‬With experience across TVCs‭, ‬radio‭, ‬billboards‭, ‬traditional print media and digital she is highly qualified to provide practical advice across medical advertising in Australia‭.‬

Contact‭:‬‭ ‬[email protected]

The masterclass outline‭:‬

  1. Introduction‭ – ‬including what is staying the same and what is changing‭ ‬
  2. What is advertising‭ – ‬as it pertains to the guidelines
  3. Who is responsible for compliance‭ ‬
  4. Each section of the guidelines‭ – ‬in depth and practical implementation techniques‭ ‬
  5. Non-surgical cosmetic procedures
  6. Q&A‭

Masterclass availability‭:‬‭ ‬You will be asked to book into an appropriate masterclass time once your spot is confirmed‭.

*T&Cs apply.

“I had many questions after reading the new AHPRA advertising guidelines about cosmetic surgery. The cosmetic surgery advertising masterclass from Connected Culture given by Connie Baker not only provided answers to a lot of those questions but also provided examples and an opportunity to discuss the topic. It has helped me and my team to formulate a plan”.

Dr Rodrigo Teixeira (MED1650480) Specialist Plastic Surgeon


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