Using a Quiz as a Lead Magnet

Have you created one (or all!) of these lead magnets for your clients or even your own business in the recent past? A free PDF, Checklist, e-Book, Guide or Video to download. Have they helped you grow your list and given you the results you expected? Or have they fallen short?  

We’re here to let you in on a big secret. This is our favourite lead magnet concept that helps our clients kickstart their email marketing list. Why is it our favourite? Well, this one particular piece of content can build your email list, your business, and your brand at the same time! And it will boost your visibility and your revenue. Win-win! 

But first, why are your other forms of downloads not gaining traction? Our educated guess is that it’s NOT about the content you created, but more about the people you want to attract.

Let’s face it, we’re all super busy these days. When we’re on our phones, we stop scrolling only if for something truly note-worthy or life-saving. This is why your freebie needs to really get – and retain – your potential customers’ attention

So, what is our favourite Lead Magnet, you ask? 

Are you ready for it?

It’s a QUIZ! 


A quiz can help establish your authority

In a matter of minutes, a quiz shows customers that you’re an expert in your niche by giving them valuable information they didn’t know before.

A quiz creates a rapport

You’ve got their attention in the time that it takes to do the quiz and get the results. It gives them a solution to their problem – and you gain precious insights about your audience. A relationship begins to develop.

A quiz helps position your brand

When people do your quiz, they get to know who you are, what you do and hope your business can help them. You can then position yourself as the go-to for whatever service/ product you’re offering.

If your business – whether it’s eCommerce, a bricks and mortar store or a service-based industry – needs help getting your Facebook campaigns and/or email marketing off to a winning start, get in touch with us at Connected Culture. We’d love to help!