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Have You Heard About Facebook/Apple’s Big News?

If you’re a small to medium business and have just dipped your toe into the online world of digital marketing, you’re probably wondering which channel gets you better ROI (Return on Investment): email marketing OR social media marketing? 

The truth is, you should be investing in bothBuilding your email list and your social media following shouldn’t be treated as a matter of Either/Or since both mediums complement each other perfectly. When you build both, your online following and your email marketing base, it results in your message getting across consistently, clearly and cohesively. 

Making your campaigns more cohesive save time and yield better ROI. Instead of treating email and social media as separate channels, start thinking about how you can make them work togetherHere are some ways to align your email marketing and social media presence. 

Showcase your social media presence in emails

Make sure you add social media content in your emails/newsletters. Add links and images from your company’s social media feed to all your email marketing. It creates a connection to your brand via compelling visuals and copy. 

Add social buttons to your emails

Social icons like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are a must-have on any email you send. They provide a way for subscribers to click on your page without leaving the email. You can also customise these buttons to suit your brand. You can also add social icons at the bottom of your work email’s signature.

Encourage user-generated content

Another way to create a connection with your customers is to ask them to share their images on social media using your products/services while tagging your company. It serves as proof that your customers are satisfied and identify with your products and services. 

Use your email list in your Facebook campaigns

You definitely know by now that organic posts don’t have the reach they did five years ago. This means that paid ads are now a must-do. Use your email list on Facebook ads to re-target your audience and build lookalike audiences. By uploading your email list to Facebook, you can remarket to previous website visitors and try to engage and convert them. 

Run a contest

When you run a competition on social media, you can garner new followers and new email addresses. When you offer an amazing prize or discount, people are more likely to give you their email address. Take note: the prize needs to be worth it. Although such a large prize might seem like a lot of money, think about the long-term ROI. The number of new email addresses you gather from a contest will pay for itself very quickly.  

Use landing pages

When your e-Commerce store/ business has well-crafted landing pages you can drive traffic to specific promotions and use your landing pages to collect heaps of new customer data. You can do this in the body of the landing page or via a pop-up that offers an attractive discount/deal. 

Ask directly

Have you tried the direct approach? It never hurts to remind your website visitors to follow you on social media and social media followers to subscribe to your website. Remind them that your marketing channels exist. You can do this through your welcome email or drive social media traffic to your website via interesting blog posts. 

If your business – whether it’s eCommerce, a bricks and mortar store or a service-based industry – needs help getting your Facebook campaigns and/or email marketing off to a winning start, get in touch with us at Connected Culture. We’d love to help!