Email Strategies that work for Black Friday!

Email Strategies that work for Black Friday

1. Include a variety of products

Everyone’s tastes and needs are different, so you shouldn’t make assumptions about your audience – including a wide range of products in your email flows will mean that you’re more likely to grab their attention and secure that sale! This will increase traffic and sales and decrease the risk of customers shopping with alternative brands.

2. Use urgency-based copy 

Creating a sense of urgency in your copy is proven to drive sales. Using phrases such as “limited stock”, “limited time” or “don’t miss out” will trigger FOMO, which is a powerful way to drive clicks and sales. 

3. Amend your time delays on your abandoned cart flow

An abandoned cart flow can turbocharge your Black Friday performance by closing crucial sales that may have fallen through the net. Shoppers are looking for the best deal around and will hop between websites to find the best possible price (we can all relate to this I’m sure!).


By sending the first abandoned cart email 30 minutes after they’ve been tempted elsewhere, you will minimise the risk of the customer purchasing a product from an alternative brand and reinforce the great price they can get with you!

4. Write powerful subject lines to trigger opens

Including time-related or scarcity words in your subject lines will grab your reader’s attention, making them more likely to open your emails, increasing website traffic and sales. By building an emotional reaction to your offer, you’re much more likely to hook someone – everyone loves an exclusive, especially if it’s one that they may miss out on if they don’t act now!


Think about how many emails you get before and during the Black Friday period. Make yours stand out in your customers’ inboxes as the one they don’t want to miss.

5. Set up a win-back flow to capture lapsed customers 

Lapsed customers are a perfect revenue stream as they’ve engaged with your brand before, and it’s crucial to get them back on side before Black Friday. Setting up a win-back flow is an unmissable way to cultivate this audience. By warming them up, your offers won’t be out of the blue when the big day arrives, and you can really help to build excitement and anticipation for what’s about to come. They’re already on your email list, so make the most of them!


A win-back flow consists of 2 emails: 

#1 – “Here’s what you’ve missed” – we recommend sending this email to customers who haven’t purchased from your brand in 60 days. Offering a pre-Black Friday deal to entice these customers back to your brand can help to warm them up.

#2 – This email is similar to the first but creates a sense of FOMO – use tips 2 and 4 to really draw these customers back in. We recommend sending this email five days after the first email to give customers time to act on your offer.