Case Study 
B2C Furniture

the overview


Customers get to know what B2C Furniture is and what the brand stands for

Artwork to convey B2C Furniture’s brand message from the website homepage

Long term goal is for B2C Furniture’s  ‘chair’ logo to automatically register to customers as B2C Furniture


Define the core values

Develop a tagline

Identify and develop archetypes

Create engaging content



New Tagline

Hardwood substance. Modern style.

2 Archetypes

The Everyman and the Innocent to flow across all marketing channels.

Rebrand Design

Colour palette is combination of light and deep tones reflected throughout the website and marketing.

2 Branding Slides

1. Sustainability
2. Direct from Manufacturer (B2C Business 2 Consumer)

Core Values

Integrity, Respect, Responsibility Care, Connection

website redesign

Colour Palette

Earthy greens and complementary shades of taupe / browns.

Logo Redesign

Change current chair logo according to new colour palette.

Softer font.

Mobile Slide

Desktop Slide