Combined marketing, also known as multi-channel or omnipresent marketing, can be described as blending a variety of communication channels into one unified strategy with the goal of gaining customers and increasing LTV. 

What makes this approach so effective is that it allows brands and performance agencies alike to reach many different audiences simultaneously across multiple channels with the goal of speaking to them on the platform they’re most comfortable with, and likely to purchase from. 

Combined Marketing Benefits

⭐️  Increases amount of data collected

For Facebook, it used to be that you could track people’s movements around the web and understand them so you could re-target them with products that fit their behaviour. After the roll-out of iOS14.5, this isn’t possible, but it makes understanding your users through the collection of other data all the more valuable.

Today, holding first-party data, in the form of email and SMS lists, for example, is important to the success of your brand as that is data about your customers that you own and have collected yourself with their consent. 

Data can be collected through surveys, forms, lead magnets in the form of blogs based on pre-determined and always evolving customer avatars, and many more in order to fully understand your customer.

⭐️  Reach a wider audience

Combined marketing, by way of Facebook, Instagram, email, SMS, Pinterest, and TikTok, allows brands and agencies to reach a wide range of potential customers in a variety of ways so you’re having these multiple conversations while communicating the same message.

⭐️ Connect with consumers on their preferred medium

While there are platforms that generate more revenue, it’s still relevant that you’re losing out on revenue by not having those conversations with people who may not, for example, spend much time on Facebook but are working online and using their email during the day.

⭐️  More streams of revenue

As a result, when you’re having these conversations and combining your marketing strategy, you’re also opening yourself up to the possibility of increasing revenue from a number of different sources.