Tristen Druce

Digital Producer & Graphic Designer

I’m in charge of making all things ‘look good’, as the digital producer and graphic designer and photo-shoot ‘cheerleader’. My day-to-day involves creating exciting and vibrant digital designs for our clients’ websites, emails, social media and ads. I am happiest when I have an opportunity to work on beautiful designs that meet our clients’ goals and add some colour and personality to their brands.

Completing two creative university degrees BA Fine Arts and BA Visual Communications + Advertising at UWS. After a short stint in advertising, I found myself working at media giant, News Limited Australia. Working professionally as a Digital Art Director for Australia’s largest circulating magazine at News Limited, interviewing and arranging celebrity photo-shoots.

As a family we are happiest when we are off on an adventure immersing ourselves in new cultures, like a bunch of gypsies. We’ve lived in Beijing and Hong Kong, the gateway to far flung Asian ports. We loved the expat life and the adventures we found ourselves on.

I love working with such a passionate team of people at Connected Culture.

University of New South Wales
Bachelor of Fine Arts –  BFA, Fine and Studio Arts
2014 – 2017

Diploma of Graphic Design

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