Sara Bertelli


I am a Marketing Specialist here at Connected Culture. Organic and paid social media is my jam! I have a deep and solid understanding of Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. 

As a Marketer, I love that I get to design, create and deliver successful marketing campaigns to help our clients grow and expand as well as drive real results for their brand, services and products. 

I believe that data is everything: all my work is data-driven, and I am highly skilled in using digital analytics tools that allow me to effectively generate, analyse and interpret the digital performance data of my clients’ accounts.

Understanding the numbers and what drives the success of different social media strategies is what inspires me to produce the best work for my clients and constantly strive to find more creative ways to help them grow their business and expand their revenue.

Torrens University Australia
Bachelor of Public Relation and Communication 

Torrens University Australia
Bachelor of Business, Marketing 

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