4 Reasons for product videos in e-commerce

⭐️  Grow Confidence with Product Videos

When customers are more confident in the products they’re shopping for and the brand they’re shopping from, their willingness to spend increases significantly. You can increase the confidence in your merchandise by adding product videos. Videos make the product feel real to the shopper. This boosts confidence in the purchase they are about to make. High-quality product videos increase the overall trust in your brand. 

Shoppers find that companies with rich, immersive video content can be more trusted because they back their products and value their customers enough to give them a better shopping experience. These customers are then more confident in their purchases and, overall, your brand. Confidence equals repeat shoppers and loyal shoppers.

⭐️  Reduce Consumer Returns

Adding product videos to your listings provides customers a better understanding of the item versus just a carousel of photos. Customers tend to be less surprised when receiving a product after having seen a video. Videos show more than a photo can. Video allows shoppers to view the item from a variety of angles. 

They see how the clothes look when in motion, how the light interacts with the fabric and even how the texture plays a part in the fit. Shoppers gain a better impression of the item. Product videos help customers make a more accurate decision on whether or not it would work for them and helps them select the right size. Therefore, they’re less likely to return because of how easy and transparent the process was.

⭐️  Bridge the Brick and Mortar Gap

Being able to try on clothing is a luxury these days. Our busy lifestyles and the inconvenience of going out to an actual store all play a part. However, touch and feel is the big reason why brick and mortar retailers continue to exist. This is the main thing missing from online shopping. 

An excellent way to bridge this gap is by using high-quality product videos. Videos provide your customers a tangible alternative online. Up-close videos that rotate all angles of the product help the product feel real. And offering up multiple videos showcasing a variety of sizes and colours helps the consumer envision themselves in the item.

⭐️  Increase Your Sales with Product Videos

Every business wants a ROI for their marketing efforts. Adding product videos to your overall marketing plan should be no different. Videos help increase sales in a variety of ways (basically every way). They expose your products to shoppers who weren’t actively searching for them. 

A shopper may not be looking for a certain clothing item, but the video showcasing the movement, colour and fit of the product elicits an action in them that they must add to cart. Video also increases your rank on Google search engines. By adding product videos to your website, you have doubled your chances of ranking high and increasing your reach. Therefore, you are adding more potential customers onto your website.